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Former auction specialist turned antiques dealer, amateur cook and second-hand book obsessive, Luke Honey has been writing The Greasy Spoon blog since 2007: a personal, unashamedly nostalgic and sometimes irreverent take on the link between food and culture. He lives in London with his wife and book-munching whippet. Current enthusiasms include the food of the American South and London Dry Gin.

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    The Return of the Spoon




    I’m back. After, God, how long now? A year and a bit? Something like that. 

    I started writing The Greasy Spoon in 2007. I suppose- in a way- it’s become a sort of psychogeographer’s food blog: an antitode to all those prim websites with precise instructions to add this ingredient or that, or having queeny hysterics over a gobbet of fat. Which means, that despite being ostensibly about ‘food’, it isn't really about food at all.

    In those days blogging was a new thing- and scrolling back to the beginning (it’s still there!)- I find tiny photographs and very little text. At smart cocktail parties, chatting up an attractive girl, the mention of the word ‘blog’ made their eyes glaze over with a mixture of boredom, pity and horror. But then, of course, I had the last laugh, as that very same girl’s now peddling shabby chic nick-nacks to her seventy eight-and-a-half followers online.

    The problem with blogging, alas, is that you might spend two days writing what you think is a brilliantly witty feature- and then receive only one comment, from a Nigerean gentleman recommending the benefits of Viagra perhaps, or a Californian robot flogging something called bitcoin.

    Which is one of the reasons I switched to Instagram. And then The Greasy Spoon was banned from Facebook- and presumably, by default, instagram too, which is why I can’t post The Greasy Spoon on either Facebook or Insta, which you may not have realised, is under the power of Facebook. I still can’t get my head round it.



    ‘Not in tune with our community values’ they said. There was the late Bob Carlos Clarke’s slinky snap of Rachel Weisz in a shiny black rubber cat suit. Maybe that was it? Or the post about the cute little Suckling Piglet- the cooking and devouring of? Or the photograph of St. Fanny Cradock about to be sick? Okay, The Spoon’s a trifle subversive- but a BAN? Californian Cromwellians!

    So I’m revisiting The Greasy Spoon to do battle. It should be fun. Lots of new ideas up my sleeve. Sometimes taking a sabbatical is no bad thing. We do want to remain fresh, don’t we?

    Incidentally, if you want to follow me on instagram, you’ll find me at @luke_honey. My little instagram blog is slightly different: stuff on films, books, architecture, history, music, 1970s advertising- anything that turns me on, really, plus the occasional rant.